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Monthly Archives: May 2009

It may be bare, it may have features yet-untapped by the user, it may be merely in its infancy, but here it is. Explicit Debate is, for the record, my newest attempt at alternate forms of interaction and information. As the Managing Editor of the Montage newspaper, as well as an avid debater and political junkie. This blog is meant only to inform its readers and often an open forum for debate or disagreement. Dissent will not be equated with dishonesty, provided everyone is prepared to articulate whatever point it is they wish to make.

I’ll be posting on this blog at the very least on a weekly basis, but knowing that I am a compulsive individual, more posts than that would not be terribly surprising, so be sure to check in.

Here you will find videos or photos that have captured the public interests. I’ll also link relevant articles related to a specific topic. I’ll do my best to keep readers interested in the country we live in with new material. Keep checking in for more updates.