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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The end of the world has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years. With the release of the Hollywood block-busting movie, 2012, we see the new and inflamed sense of danger that people are beginning to fear.

It’s getting more and more common for loons on their proverbial soap boxes to preach that the end times are near. How many of us have heard those referring to President Obama as the Anti-Christ?

Pictured: President Obama, moments before lightning bolts flew from his fingertips, killing the photographer

These are the same people who are going to call you a ‘sheep,’ for not taking them seriously. They’ll go on about World Bank, and RFID chips, and Mayan calendars, and it’s all designed to fascinate our imaginations.

Soon enough, people will be buying bottled water and moving into shelters, prepared for the worst.

Remember Y2k? Am I the only one who remembers that soil-yourself scenario? Wasn’t it supposed to kill us all?

The problem with apocalypse scenarios is that they set the bar high. If the world doesn’t end in 2012, no one will take a Mayan seriously again.

And if Obama dies years from now, peacefully, and the rapture hasn’t come, what will you say when the real thing gets here?

Our nation is the man on the corner, crying ‘The End is Near!” whenever we feel it most interesting.

So let them panic. Let the wild-eyed simpletons mutter about the end of the world, the army of Satan, and the chosen people.

Maybe it’s because we want our world to mean something. Our lives seem so much more dramatic and meaningful if we witness some kind of unearthly destruction or catastrophe.

Otherwise we’re just people, sitting in front of the computer…and scared.