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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Of course, things are ugly. You don’t need to be told that. If you’re reading this, you’ve seen the ugliness.

We don’t just disagree. We hate everyone that might hold notions, ideas, or values that are different from our own. Suddenly, the little capital consonant at the end of a politicians name defines their legitimacy.

Tea Partiers have made it abundantly clear that the more skewed members are prepared to fight. It’s not comforting that the majority of those people are gun owners, either.

Love thy neighbor

But hey, it’s not just the right. The left has before and continues to threaten to take radical action to stamp out the opposition. It’s just that, frankly, nobody takes an angry liberal threat seriously.

There’s something wrong with this, isn’t there? Didn’t we have a common good? We all want the same thing. Liberal, Conservative, Whatever. We want the prosperity and continued success and advancement of ourselves, and our nation as a whole. We want to get stronger and more comfortable. We want more jobs and more money and better retirement. We want less poverty, sterling education, clean streets and happy people.

Anything there terribly controversial? Oh, sure, skewed and damaged people, like a Beck or Olbermann will hint at the notion that the “others” want to destroy the nation. They would imply that “they” want the country to burn, it’s economy to collapse, and it’s people to wallow in suffering and misery.

It’s true, we will have certain principles and ideals that will never be universal. We will have arguments until the end of mankind, and perhaps even beyond that, if the afterlife has talk-radio.

The horrible, sick, wonderful punchline is that many polls reflect that more and more moderates are emerging. There are more registered independent voters nationwide than ever. Less and less of our citizens align with one particular individual or party.

So, why the disgusting media display? Why increased hysteria of rhetoric on both sides? It’s not just the depiction of Tea Partiers. It’s the increased volume of partisan hate.

At a time, I might have argued that even though we don’t like each other, we must have respect.

Because there is no respect anymore, I merely say this, don’t do something stupid.

No matter how mad you get, no matter how sure you are that someone else is going to destroy the country, remember something.

Remember that the other guy thinks he saving the world, too.

Love them or hate them, George W. Bush and Barack Obama both believed that they were doing best for this nation.

We can’t pull out guns and pipe bombs and start killing each other. The idea that a war, or armed conflict of any kind, would be needed to solve these troubles is dangerous and absurd. Only Americans can die that way. Only citizens of this country will be harmed, and that cannot be.

Remember decency and reason. The nation depends on that.