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Monthly Archives: February 2011

No photos, no long diatribes. I’ll be brief. The GOP has already failed its voters, and this is from someone that votes Democrat and makes jokes about Christ.

The point is they’ve already fucked things up. They could have made a fool of Obama. A jobs bill as the number one piece of legislation that could be rammed through by sheer force of anti-Obama will through the House would have been golden.

But no, they went on the moral ground. They figure (rightly, I’m sure, to my great disgust) that the electorate will get all fire-and-brimstone when Boehner weeps those crocodile tears and goes on about “repeal and replace.” The GOP is more worried about Obamacare than creating jobs.

And this is where the real villany starts. You see, passing a jobs bill would be good for America, and bad for Republicans. Because when the new numbers came in, and America went back to work, a good White House spin doctor would notch that as a win.

You can almost hear the Press Secratary weezing on:

“The President is proud of this legislation, that was bipartisan supported and written by both sides of the aisle, which has helped to boost the economy.”

Yep, big ol O would go down as a President that created jobs with a feriocously hostile Congress. Re-election would be a gimme.

So no, keep the nation in shambles. Republicans are leaning on bitterness to win it for them in 2012. Go after abortions. Like Don Quixote chasing his stupid windmills, the republicans will win a few moral victories and get all fired-up for Church fundraisers in Nowhere, Mississippi that’ll bring in the bucks for some morally-righteous man.

That’s the gameplan, boys and girls, and it’s a good one. Keep the public distracted. Get them angry about PBS and their damned liberal bias.

Interestingly, the GOP is exploting the same “government needs to stay out of my health care,” people to fuck with a woman’s right to abort. Yes, apparently the “big government intrusion” doesn’t protect liberal women of exploring their pregnancy options.

Hypocrisy, ladies and gents. That’s the issue. NO BIG GOVERNMENT, unless it can stop some morally-bankrupt freaks from doing things that fall nicely into my own world view.

No regulations, but keep drugs illegal. No reckless spending, unless we are bombing some brown people to the tune of several billion a day.

Don’t stand for it. I don’t give a good bloody hell who you vote for, but don’t stand for this shit. Your intelligence is being insulted by this kind of boldfaced contempt for decency or reason. Do something. Write a Senator. March in a protest. Call voters. Anything. Anything.