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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Without Reagan The Republican Presidential Race Is Bound for Turmoil———-Why Conservatives Can’t Win in 2012 Without a New Party Face like Reagan——–The Sad, Awful Story of the GOP Field As It Stumbles Fourth

An election is coming.  Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry    ~George Eliot

For people like me, hopelessly addicted to the theater of politics and of course the grandest stage of all, the presidential race, it is hard to ignore the typical headlines from the desperate GOP race. I didn’t blink when Gingrich announced, because it was typically devious and wonderful. Gingrich has the muscle and the mind to be a major contender for the title (the nomination, for the nerds). Of course, he has to get past himself. And the man is a blundering, blithering gaffer on levels of Joe Biden magnitude. So instead of staying quiet, doing the rounds at whiskey-gentry fundraisers and backwater Texan donar-a-thons at $1,000-per plate, he’s decided to ruin his slim credibility to the current power structure.

In barely seven days, he practically sided with Obama on individual healthcare mandates, insulted the Republican can to slash medicare and reportedly short-sheeted Paul Ryan’s bed in his DC residence (reports are conflicting. Some have reported that Gingrich was seen leaving the Ryan residence at high speeds, carrying spray-paint and gasoline canisters. Authorities are searching for a bobble-headed man in a dark trench coat driving recklessly out of Virgina in an unmarked van.)

Hard copy publications of merit report his donors are bailing and his bridges are burned with the critical Tea Party 20% (trademark pending).

My suggestion to any and all remaining candidates: be insane. I mean that in the most level-headed way possible. Dutifully insane. Carefully insane. President Obama is an incumbent president with rising approval ratings. You’ll need crazy to win. To put in perspective, here is a list of incumbents beaten since 1900, and those that beat them:

Taft–lost to Wilson
Hoover–lost to Roosevelt
Carter–lost to Reagan 
Bush Srlost to Clinton

The simple truth, that incumbents are damned hard to beat unless you happen to be an anomaly, or you’ve got a scandal on your side. If you’re a voter hoping to watch Obama leaving sooner than not, you’re praying for either the incarnation of R.R., or for a white mistress to approach the Times or the WSJ and say that she, for years, has been doinking the Commander-in-Chief. And even then, you’d need hard proof.

Most liberals already know this. All it would take to derail the Obama Express is a white woman. Despite the racial catharsis his election may or may not have represented, plenty of people below the Mason-Dixon simply won’t tolerate that kind of behavior, especially from a man that good-ol fashioned white folks have to call ‘sir.’

But that is beyond the point. And I didn’t mean to get so lost in that nonsense. I meant to talk more about the rest of the field. Like Mitt Romney, the smiling former Governor of Massachusetts. Plastic Man. He can’t be real, because he looks too much like the man you’d hire to portray the president in a made-for-t.v. movie on the Sunday before the election.

WOW. Moving on. Mitt Romney is too ‘liberal’ to win the nomination and the field is too devoid of any astonishing charisma (or retired actors) to win the election on sheer force of personality. Ron Paul is, bless his heart, probably the most intellectually qualified. Paul tested the waters with his dangerously principled and unwavering Libertarian views with normal conservatives just last week on FOX News first Republican Presidential debate.

When asked about his views on gay marriage and whether he favored legislation in favor or opposition, Paul danced nicely into a careful condemnation in the federal government that comforted the crowd.

“I don’t support any legislation that outlaws gay marriage on the federal, national, level. Because these are things the federal government shouldn’t even be legislating. This is for the states only. We can’t impose values… values might not be yours…..the Fed can’t legislate values.”

And the crowd loved it. Imagine, a Republican advocating AGAINST forcing moral values on others and AGAINST allowing the Fed to legislate morality. But, Paul was dancing with the careful hypocrisy with two groups ultimately voting the same way. Family Values Conservatives and Anti-federalists.

Half the conservative population would gladly see the Fed grow and grow. These are the ones that yawned through eight years of George Bush emptying the bank int he form of wars, tax cuts and generally negligent behavior. It’s ok to spend, so long as it’s righteous, god-commanded, patriotic-type spending.

The other half are serious about loosening the power and scope of federal power. Usually, it takes nothing more than the mutual contempt of liberals that keeps them voting together. But if Paul has any real shot of getting people to look past his dwarfish demeanor, his hawkish little eyes, his determined, rounded head, he needs to unite the two sides. Paul reminds one of a stern teacher. He is edgy, surprised by his popularity. If only he could ad-lib.

But this isn’t the point. The point is that the field is so wide open, any crazy-person should dive right in, if not for the simple entertainment. Trump won’t be the clown this year, so who? If I were any Republican politician, be it Mayor or stumpville or congressmen or Senator, I’d be forming a committee and raising money.

Either that, or find out if there are any skeletons in No-Drama Obama’s closet.


Comments on the killing of a deviant criminal
-The swift and sudden demise of the Al-Qaeda cultural leader

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” Revelation 18:2

Osama Bin Laden is dead. And America is better for it. Late last night, between needless homework assignments and cigarettes, my phone alerted me to the news just beginning to leak into the world. OBL, the face of terrorism since 9/11, and the mastermind behind the destruction of the towers, was dead. American special forces killed him in a raid in Pakistan, and he had been properly identified.

The demise of OBL did two very sudden things. It first put to bed those nasty little rumors that would have haunted every military official and president until the end of days; Americans might never catch the little toad. In what would have surely been remembered by history as one of the greatest failures of American Power, the escape and freedom of OBL had been gnawing at us for years. We had to get our man, and we had to shoot him dead. The matter simply couldn’t be resolved without this.

Second, it made reminded everyone that we could still get one right every now and then. Of course, we had to keep the president of Pakistan out of the loop or watch OBL slip into the mountains thanks to a “tip.”

No, it had to be done this way. We certainly wouldn’t hand him over to some foreign government, not when we had serious matters to attend to. The New York Times article, titled “Bin Laden is dead” tells a lot about this whole messy affair. It says the men sent into the compound in Pakistan were trying to capture him, but there was resistance.

He refused to give himself up, and was shot twice in the head, if the BBC is to be believed, and those limey fruits do occasionally get it right. It was right, in a way, that we got him not in the tribal, unconquered regions on the Afghan/Pakistan border, but in a massive compound housing , among other things, on of the Pakistani Armies largest training facilities, equivalent to West Point here in the states. His home, complete with three-story mansion, high security wall and backyard was much larger than other homes in the region, but isolated by itself, down a long dirt road away from other dwellings. There were no internet or phone connections.

Reporters on the scene have said much. Locals are stunned that OBL was living so close by, in such a large building with lush green hills to the west, a place of comfort, not a secret fortress.

Courtsey-New York Times

These details are disturbing. How could the worlds most wanted man be living so freely, less than half a mile from a military base and civilian population? All of this information makes it more and more clear that he had more help, and perhaps the higher-ups in Pakistani government were helping him out.

A satellite view of OBL's hideout and proximity to Pakistani Military Base

Regardless, he is dead now and his body was buried in the at Sea. It is said his body was buried following proper Islamic tradition, which is a shame, because I think most Americans, like myself, would have liked to have seen him sealed in a tube and fired into the sun.

Osama Bin Laden, the man who defined an entire generation and rewrote the history of terrorism itself, is an empty shell now. Just flesh and bone, laying in a weighted bag somewhere in the North Arabian Sea. Though I think the population would have enjoyed to see him behind iron bars, there was no practical or reasonable way to imprison a man of that stature, and it’s better that it went this way. Let 30-40 Navy Seals put two in his head when he won’t come quietly. Put this matter, and the man, permanently to rest.