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1. People are important. Some people clean dishes, some people write movies, some people mow lawns, some people blow up buildings, and some people go to the moon, but it’s all important. This country, its elite and its well-to-do should keep this in mind. After all, you never hear about a group of wealthy doctors getting together and beheading a politician or a king, it’s always the poor masses, the mob, the forgotten.

2. The Bill of Rights applies to everyone living in this country. Freedom of speech protects your enemies as well as your compadres. Freedom to privacy and equal protection under the law apply even to the most awful kind of degenerate you care to imagine.

3. Hypocrisy is often unintentional.

4. Mistakes are made by every person. No one should be judged on a mistake until their response to making it has been carefully measured.

5. Religion is as dangerous as it is benevolent.

5.Words are powerful.

6. Finally, laughter is, and always shall be, the best medicine.


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